Eudora under Classic



Has anyone managed to use Eudora whilst running in Classic mode in OS X PB. It runs just fine but I don't understand how to tell it to look at the IP address that the PPP Connect app has been assigned. Anyone able to answer my (probably) dumb question?

Well, I solved my own problem, with the help of a little bit of research. I read about a program in another thread called Port Reflector (got it from that lets classic apps use the PPP Connect app in OS X. Now that Eudora runs very smoothly in OS X, I think I will stay here...

hey there malcom ...

good call on that PORT REFLECTOR ... i will try it in a minute .. i wonder how many OSX users have to drop back to OS9 to use their email .. this will be a really cool thing ...

i really like osx .. i can only imagine running it on a little mac G4 cube with that pretty LCD monitor .. even if its only 15" .. i still want one ... (can you tell i was at MICROCENTER drooling today? )

also i found that when on OSX time really does go faster :D
or is that the screen redraw lag? :D

thanks for that post malcom .. i appreciate it ..