European Centric Humour ?

Nice to watch, funny, although _so_ not true in some aspects. At least some problems are noticeable in other European countries, too. ;)
fun to see it again :p

it is true on most aspect but I believe aswell it could very well reflect any "latin" country in europe i.e from portugal to greece. :cool:
Yep .. ;)
Was posted ages ago here, but nevertheless funny, and as there are always new people, probably not everyone has seen it .. Bozzetto has a lot of other funny animations too, so the the stuff that flash artist does is actually one of the very few nice uses for flash I have seen, ever. :)
yep, Portugal is pretty much like that too! ;) Except for the politics: we have a slight variation - people change, once in a while, but when you look it, they all seem pretty much the same... ;) As we say around here "As moscas mudam, mas a merda é sempre a mesma!" (something like "The flies change, but it's always the same shit!"