Event wrong date in Entourage 2004


I have a Entourage 2004 in my powerbook and I have this problem:
All the time when I create a event on calendar the date saved is wrong. Exmple: If I creat a event now when I save this event, the date saved is 3 months later. Any one know the solution to this?

My system time(time zone) are the same of the entourage time zone.

I had that exact same problem. Everytime I created an event in Entourage, it always ended up in December.
I found out that the problem was in System preferences > International > formats. My region was set to Portugal. I changed the region to Ireland and customized all the formats to my taste and it worked. Just try it.
I quit from entourage and now I use Mail.app+iCal.app+Agenda default from Mac OS X, the integration it better.

My suggestion: change to Mail+iCal+Agenda.
Can I use Mail+iCal with an exhchange server to invite my colleagues to meetings and acceppt their invitations to meetings (which creates events automatically in the calendar) as in Outlook or Entourage? Because that's the main reason why we still use Entourage...
You can, maybe. Apple supports Exchange through Mail, Address Book, iCal, SMB, LDAP, etc. However, Microsoft and its minions on your IT staff do everything they can, by incompetence or design, to unsupport non-Microsoft products. Until my firm "upgraded" its Exchange server, Apple's products worked better than Exchange. The "upgrade" left Mail, etc. totally incompatible with our Exchange implementation, but Entourage 2004 is less compatible than it was before. And, Entourage was bad to begin with.

Word to the wise: Try Apple's built-in products. If they work, you won't have to deal with that steaming pile from Microsoft. If Apple's stuff doesn't work, at least you tried and you are no worse off than before.