Everything Java Crashes In 10.3.8


I have a blue & white running a 400mHz G4 ZIF, with plenty of disk space and 704 MG of memory.
I'm running 4 partitions (2 OS9... 2 OS X) on a Seagate 80 gig barracuda connected to a Siig 133 PCI card. I was told by a tech a OWC that Yosemities can boot from a 133 PCI card and until I "upgraded to 10.3.8 was not having app and system crashes, but also began to lose the functionality I needed in programs that told me I had to leave Jaguar for Panther 10.3.6 or better.
(One partition is running OS 10.3.6 currently, & the other 10.3.8).

I HAD upgraded to 10.3.9 and suddenly nothing in java seemed to work anymore. So I downgraded (saved settings install) to 10.3.8, reinstalled java 1.4.2 update, and the 02/2005 security update, which I was read would cause java to work again.
I have repaired permissions every day, and run diskwarrior and Techtool pro on the 10.3.8 partition as well as the 10.3.6 partition, and all reports come back with no problems or directory damage. But now I'm getting the constant app crashes & even the dreaded "grey sweep system crash screen". running fsck after these returns "system ok" or finds one or 2 "orphaned indirect node" issue, which are repaired successfully.
I can follow instructions on what to do, if anyone has any advice, and have used macs for 8 years, but haven't used the terminal and have no clue what the crash logs mean. I get only "application x has unexpectedly quit" messages when apps crash (usually executing something that uses java in some way), but when clicking on a link in Safari I often get the dreaded freeze-crash.
Any ideas??? This is my third reinstall of the system software, but the problem just comes back. Thanks for any & all help.