Excel Spredsheet Merge


I need to merge about 17 excel files. All have the same headers and are data from different individuals on the same topics.

How can I merge into 1 master file without cutting and pasting all 17 files into a master.

Also would be great to be able to break out new spreadsheets by individual columns. ( i.e. Location, Part Number , ect ). A friend wrote a little program for me that worked when I was using a windows based machine, but will not work in the Mac environment.

Tony Gann
Can you post the code that was used on the Windows side? I use XL for Windows every day, but have adapted several pieces of code for the Mac.
I know of only one inexpensive shareware program that will do this for the Mac - Excel File Merger. I just downloaded it and combined 390 excel (.xls) files in about 10 seconds. I tried it on csv and text (txt) files and it does it under 2 seconds.

The link is: http://essexredevelopment.com/mac/excelmerger.html and I paid $12 for it. There is a demo to try. Give that a whirl and let us know how it works.