Exciting news on the Rotary Engine front!


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In the 70's there were rotary engines... Every Mazda had them in fact. The marketing campaign went along the lines "The cars that go mmmmmmm."

Boy did they ever... The rotary engine is perhaps one of the more robust engine types created. It's short life span 100-150K miles has been replaced with something along the lines of 200-250K, the oil consumtion of 1 quart per 15 gallons of fuel is over. Sucking 15 gallons of fuel through it's engine at 14 mpg is also over... Mazda finally brought it back! (To all RX-7 entusiasts, I've probably caught your attention by now hopefully)

The RX-8 will be available in japan, and in the US afterward...

My RX-7 had an engine that weighed in at 165 pounds, and delivered 191 horse power, 215 when the turbo blew in... RIP grey-ghost... *sniffle*

Seriously, if the rotary engine is as hearty as they boast it could change high performance vehicles.
My buddies called it the grey blur more often than not...

This isn't my exact car, my rims were different, everything else was the same...


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