Expanding macosx.com


Hi All,

I am looking at trying to make macosx.com even more of a helpful and fun place to visit. We have the ongoing contest of recommending someone, after all having more people here will make it more fun.

In addition though, some of sent me suggestions of having a forums specific for bugs that will be highly moderated allowing moderators/admins to create the threads in a forum specific to known bugs, and then allow all users to reply to in those threads. This is one idea, and it will take quite a bit of time.

Other ideas have been for a general "Mac OS X Bug News" page to be inserted on our main page... before reaching the forums.

Looking for your feedback in what you would like to see, chatrooms, etc on this site to make it YOUR destination site.

yea dude, you should do this here like a
"Mac Os X - Headquarter" :)
-that would be cool .. :D
biuld in a chat ... and just bould like a community here !
i think it would be the first Mac OS X - Community
in the web ! so do realy hard think about that !!! :D

im also clicking much on thoose "Fossil&X-men"-banner ..
i hope i support you in that way !!! ;)

thats it ..
im out ...