expanding wireless network range


How would i go about expanding a wireless network range, i have a linksys 802.11b router and my signal downstairs is terrible and would like to expand it to reach down into the basement.

Would the airport express be able to do that?
A cantenna is directional. You probably don't want that.

You have two main options:

1. Get a bigger antenna, an omnidirecitonal antenna. Just serach google for wifi or "802.11b/g antenna", and make sure it uses the same connector as your router.

2. Get a repeater. This is any other wireless router including, but not limited to, an AirPort Express.

You should also check that you don't have things like a 2.4 GHz phone or microwave near your router, that can ruin your signal.

Don't be afraid to look outside the bounds of Circuit City or Future Shop ! They don't carry very professional wifi equipment, trust me ;)
my house phone is i think a 1.8 GHz, no big deal. But i posted this same question on another site, saying that i should get a new router cause the linksys one won't work with a repeater. Is this true?

It is this router here
LinkSys and DLink both have some proprietary repeater technology yes, but in principal it should work, though I can't guarantee anything.

If you're going to shell out for a new / another router, you might as well just get another WAP11 and put it in Repeater Mode somewhere between your main station and your lower level. That will probably provide you the best solution, if you don't mind paying for it.