Expansion bay CD drive died? Or is it the Bay? replacements?


I think that the original expansion bay cd drive in my Lombard 333 has died -- cds have been spinning up slower and slower and more laboriously, and now they don't mount at all... and these same cds mount fine in my FW CDRW.

How can I tell if it is the drive that has died, or whether it is a bad expansion bay? My battery works fine, but my VST Superdisk drive doesn't, although I don't know if it is supported (worked at least once before, though)...

Assuming it is the drive where can I find a replacement of the stock model? (I can get a SmartDisk CDRW for it, but I'd rather not spend 200 bucks)

Assuming it is the bay, what do I do??


i've got a lombard 333, and a borrowed VST superdisk drive i used once worked fine, just popped it in, inserted a floppy, and it mounted. no drivers needed. so if BOTH, your vst superdisk module AND our CD module are dead, i'd say the evidence points to the bay, and not the module. i'm not sure this is supported, but you could try putting the battery in the right-side bay, and see if the battery works from there. however, i read somewhere that unlike the wallstreets, the lombards must always have a battery in the left bay...

maybe you could try bringing your lombard in to a local apple service provider, and just ask them if they have some modules lying around that you could just try, without actually filing a work order to diagnose it (=service charge).

best of luck
Thanks, Boss... ;)
The VST has long been kinda flaky, so I am not confident in any diagnosis it contributes to.

I did take your advice re: the apple service center, however -- and was able to boot from a cd module that the shop has in its rental Lombard... So I am figuring that it is the module, rather than the bay/powercard.

But given the high prices for a replacement (even refurb around 150-200 bucks), I am looking at just buying a cheap old SCSI cd drive to boot through the SCSI port, and forget about the bay drive...