Expecting more from CUPS, am I missing something?


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Don't get me wrong I am deeply in love with Jaguar. The only thing that I am not so impressed by is CUPS [Common Unix Printing System] I was hoping for drivers for my Epson Stylus 670 because on the CUPS website it lists that as being a supported printer, but I have yet to find these drivers. Does anyone know when these drivers might be coming? I was printing in 10.1 with a rewritten Stylus 740 driver that I made, but it fails to work in 10.2. Other than that Jaguar is Fantastic!!!!


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can anyone help the captain? this appears to be a very important question for him and he doesn't believe that anyone in this forum can or will help him! please help me out and show him that those of you who take the time to help others are the ones who know the most about everything going on with the mac platform.

my hats off to all of you who spend more time helping each other out with real problems instead of spending your day just arguing about rumors and whose PC is better. you are the ones that make this site worth it!!


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Originally posted by Ed Spruiell
can anyone help the captain? this appears to be a very important question for him and he doesn't believe that anyone in this forum can or will help him!
I wish I could--I've seen the post in both fora. However, I come from the old UNIX printing school which said "if you has non PostScript raster printer you uses GhostScript for rendering to it, and calls it from the output filter of /etc/printcap". Honestly, I do not know what CUPS does differently; CUPS "support" most likely means GhostScript support.

Mind you, GhostScript is not the best color renderer out there.


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Ed sorry to cause you this trouble, I appreciate what you have done for this post. Your points are valid and I respect them and I thank all that responded to my problem.

Thanks Again



I have an old HP LaserJet 4L. I thought I'd never get to print to it from my mac. Tried buying the USB to parallel converter but just wouldn't work because the printer was PCL.

So, after playing with it for a bit again once Jaguar was out. i finally got it to work.
I installed the printer normally on my Windows 2000 Advanced Server. This may be where the catch is; most people aren't running W2KAS. Anyway, I installed the AppleTalk and Unix print services on the Server and set the printer as shared.

I when I went into the "Add Printer" application on Jaguar and selected "AppleTalk" the HP showed up!

I selected the Apple LaserWriter/600 driver, the HP drivers won't work.

Opened up an AppleWorks document and printed it out fine!

Don't know if having print services for Unix and Macintosh installed on the machine that the printer is attached to is the key.

If you want any more details to my configuration let me know.


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Thank You All!!! CUPS is utterly brilliant. I dont know why Apple doesnt make a bigger deal out of it, its not even turned on by default. My Stylus 670 works like a charm now. The trick to using a printer without an included driver is to hold down the option key when adding a new printer, to enter the advance menu in the Print Center. This allows you to take advantage of the CUPS capabillities, offering better printer support than even Windows XP.


CUPS is absolutely phenominal! It's because of CUPS I can finaly use my HP 722c printer. Which wasn't even supported under OS 9! the 722c is a Windows only printer.

Gotta love the open source community for that one!


Well dammit why can't I get this HP LaserJet 4MV to work. I've gotten a test page to print from the but every application unexpectedly quits when I try and print to it.