Explorer Unexpectedly Quits!


why does my explorer unexpectedly quit on some sites? I have to try several times, sometimes with no success. I'm using osx.2.8 power book, 128mb, 900 mhz, 40 gb with 30gb free, explorer 5.2 & verizon dsl. Safari isn't much help either.
I don't know why nobody responded to this. At least, I don't see any responses.

Here's the recommended solution: Don't use Internet Explorer _at all_.

*** Use Firefox. ***

Safari updates, if I remember correctly, are only available on OS X 10.3 and 10.4. So the Safari you're probably using on 10.2.8 is old.

A few friendly suggestions:

1. Upgrade your memory to _at least_ 384k. Get a 256 mb or, better, 512 SODIMM. Be careful to buy from a Mac friendly site. Get memory compatible with your particular Powerbook. I've had good success with www.ramjet.com and www.memorytogo.com. www.Crucial.com is also good. Your computing experience will be vastly improved.

2. Consider upgrading to 10.3 or 10.4 after you get more memory. I think you'll notice snappier performance and more reliablity. Go right to 10.3.9 (or 10.4.2) before you do much, especially if you have external Firewire drives. ALWAYS disconnect Firewire drives when upgrading your OS.

3. Google for a program called Broadband Optimizer. Try "broadband optimizer os x" in Google. It should improve your transfer speeds.

lol dktrickey. Got to agree though - Explorer is simply the worst browser out at the moment. The Mac version is especially buggy. Any web designer who tests sites on multple browsers will tell you Explorer is almost always the one giving problems.

anyway, my guess is that Explorer doesn't like a Java applet or something on the website. I've found even Safari crashes on certain sites that use bad Java/JavaScript. When that happens I use Firefox instead and it always seems to work.
Has apple stopped putting Internet Explorer onto their Systems Disks? It was a contract at one stage, but I don't recall seeing it on the Tiger Disk

I know they have stopped updating Mac Internet Explorers, it's probably why I haven't seen it

And hey, Safari logs into my bank that required Internet Explorer, way cool :D