Export Contacts, Entourage


I want to export the contact information from Entourage into an excel file. I know there is an export function and I understand how to use that.
My question is is there anyway to only export selected contacts from entourage into an excel spreadsheet. THere are two ways I would like to be able to do this. the first is to select one of the groups I created and export just that group. The other is to be able to export just flagged contacts. When you go the the export function it does not as for any selection critera.

One other possibility would be to be able to copy and paste email addresses out of one of my groups, but I find that I can go to the group, open the list, highlight the email addresses but when I go to paste into a word or excel doc, nothing happens

I would be be happy to look at a web site that has a users manual for entourage, but I have not been able to find one.

Thanks for your help
Eleanor Mahood


It's a roundabout method, but this worked for me:

I needed to create a list in Excel of selected Entourage contacts.

1. In Entourage, create a new Project.

2. ADD the particular Contacts you want to export by Command-clicking. (Yes, this was tedious, but I had subjective criteria in choosing the contacts). You may already have a list you can use.

3. File->Export, then select "Items that are in the project:" and select <name of your project>. Select "Contacts" only and click on the Next arrow. Select "No, keep the items..." Name your Archive and Save it where you can find it.

4. File->Switch Identity, then create a new one.

5. File->Import, select the Archive you made earlier. Now the only Contacts in the database will be the ones you want to Export.

6. File->Export, Select "Export items to a text delimited file" and name it.

7. You can then open this file from Excel and manipulate it as you need.

8. File->Switch Identity, back to your original identity. You can delete the temporary identity used to import/export the project archive.

It would be a lot easier if Microsoft let us manage the Entourage database like a database.