Export Mac OS X Mail to Ximian Evolution


I've tried to export all my mail to a new computer using Linux. On it, I was hoping to use Ximian's Evolution, which is something I'm used to. Here is where the problems start.

Prior to Tiger, Mail used the mbox format for storing emails. This used to be one mbox file per inbox and was a synch to transfer between mail programs since everything understood mbox. Now, Mail 2.0 doesn't seem to use mbox any more. In the inbox folder, there are hundreds and I mean hundreds of files, with the extension .emlx. I've got no idea what to do with them.

My question is, how do I export my mail for use in Evolution?
I've found the solution. It turns out that Mail 2.0 spits the mbox files into many tiny .emlx files to facilitate Spotlight searches. In order you convert all these .emlx files to .mbox files, you can use the emlx to mbox converter available on Apple's site. Can anyone say.... Doh!