Export/transfer Mac Mail Library to Pc


My husband has to use a PC - at least for a while. I would love to take over his Powerbook as my "travel machine" ... but I have to figure out a way to get his email library (years of emails he's saved) onto his PC so that he can live without his Mac at his side, basically acting as an email archive and nothing else.

Do you have any ideas?

I don't have any problem putting the mail library on a CD or DVD, but I don't know which program on a PC will be able to read it ... or if there's something I can do on the Mac to convert it to Outlook format.

I see Microsoft stopped support Outlook on OS X and Entourage couldn't import the Mail files, so I have temporarily giving up & turning to you for help.


Maggie Kean

currently running 10.3.9 and mail 1.3.11 though I will upgrade it to Tiger very soon

Robn Kester

I heart nothing
This might help:


Since Mail.app uses MBox format, you should be able to follow the process in ths above link to get the raw mbox files for his email accounts, then copy those to his PC and use with a mail program that uses MBox mail files, like Thunderbird.

I have not tried this myself but it sounds like it should work.

Be sure to BACKUP all of his mail before attempting anything with it obviously.