Exporting Imove Project to Dv Camera


i have a 15" powerbookG4 and i am unable to export to my camera,
I know it is not the camera as I successfully imported the video using it, but imovie unexpectedly quits when i try to export the completed project to the camera.I have tried exporting the same project on another powerbook with no problems and also tried a different camera.I have reinstalled imovie HD using ilife 05 but keep having the same problem,the message it gives tells me to click a button which will restore the default settings and try again all to no avail.I am confused.I have OSX TIGER and I suspect a OS problem if I have to reinstall my OS do I have to start way back or can I just reinstall TIGER?

Please help
PS it exports to iDVD fine.

some cammeras (as the Sony VX1000 PAL, european or southamerican version) do not accept a dv input via iLink. Wich camera are you using?