Exporting Quicktime Movies


I have been trying to export a movie from Quicktime so that it can be imported in Final Cut Pro for some editing. The problem I am facing is that I have tried nearly every format from Quicktime Movie .mov file to dv and .avi formats... the file does show in Final Cut Pro upon import, however, it doesn't come with the sound. Although the movie clip, when played in Quicktime Player, plays with the sound. I am baffled and very upset. Can anyone please resolve this?? What is the best method to export files from Quicktime to Final Cut Pro.. can anyone help?
Isn't there an option for "Expert Settings"? I know there is in iMovie. Do that and edit the audio options.
No.. there isnt. When I go into options with each QT export option (.dv or .avi or .mov) the 'audio' button isnt highlighted to be edited