Exporting Screen shoots to PCs


I need to capture screen shots in a MAC OS 8, and then transfer those files to a PC. I'm doing it with Shift+Ctl+3. Then I move the files to a PC and I can open them with some programs such as Quicktime or a few image converters.

The problem is that I need to convert those files from PIC to JPG or GIF to make them PC-readable from any program. How should I rename the files? *.PIC, *.PCT, or *.PICT? The are originally called PICTURE.18 or similar

The file converters I can use from the command line to do batch processes ( I need to convert 120 images per day) won't recognize any of these formats, even though they said they do (PIC, PCT, or PICT).

I think I'm making a mistake renaming the files imported from the MAC, but I'm not an expert in MAC and I don't know which format the screen shoot is captured into.

Would anybody please help me with this? I'll really appreciate it.

THank you and have a great day!!!

well, this IS macosx.com, and it has been 7 major MacOS releases since MacOS 8, so forgive me if my memory is not what it have been with regards to system 8. ;)

the format is the somewhat obscure SimpleText Picture-format. :)
you can't just rename the file. if i remember correctly there wasn't even visible file-endings in system 8. in what application are you watching them in macOS 8? can you export from that application to any other format?

if you have Photoshop or a similiar application on your pc you can open pict-format there and save them in some other format. but that will be a lot of work if you have to do 120 a day.

my best tip:download a free screen capture utility for mac os 8 where you can choose format!
here are a few links (can't verify them myself):


you can search on versiontracker.com yourself if they dont work.

now, WHY do you want to take a lot of screenshots of MacOS 8? ;)
Thank you so much both of you guys!!

I was trying to avoid installing applications on the MAC because I went through that before and I didn't have much success. I've been years with PCs and even though I recognize MAC has much better features, I never had the guts to move from PC to MAC. Said that, my experience in MAC is so poor, if any :-(

I need to capture screens from a program used in a Nuclear Camera, in medicine. The program is so old that you can't imagine. Now we are trying to get those pictures out of the MAC and importing into the Electronic Medical Records system, which is Windows based....hence my problems ;-)

I tried some programs capture some time ago but first I got hqx files. When I learned how to expand them I got *.sit files, and so for...I could never install a program on that MAC.

I'll make a last try with the converter that nixgeek gave me. If that doesn't work I'll install a screen capture in the MAC. I know more about them now than what I knew 1 month ago ;-)

Thank you again bot of you guys!!
Have an excellent weekend!!!

Search tucows.com or download.com for screen catchers that you could easily set the formats to, screensnaps (shareware) is a good one, and you won't have any problems installing it.

Most screencatcher apps can even put the snaps nicely into a folder for you too.

GraphicsConvertor4 (shareware; demo doesn't expire) will conert all the systems snaps to any format you want ie jpg by selecting all files at once and let it run, saves the time of doing each file individual, again, you will not have any problems installing it :)
As for unstuffing apps on the Mac, if it's a .hqx file then Stuffit Expander should open it up all the way to the uncompressed app or installer. If it doesn't, and all you're left with is the .sit file, just uncompress the .sit file with Stuffit Expander and you'll have the actual app. The .hqx files (which actually show as <filename>.sit.hqx) are meant for downloading Mac files over a PC. The .hqx extension prevents Windows from corrupting the .sit file, which is the normally the standard on older versions of Mac OS. Most companies provide both the .sit and .hqx so that you have the option whether you are on a Mac (just downloading the .sit and forgoing the extra step with the .hqx), or if you are on a PC (downloading the .hqx file).

Most of the times installing and app on the Mac is just a drag and drop (after it's uncompressed of course). But there are some apps that have installers. However, every well-behaved Mac app will just be a drag-and-drop thing.

If you ARE having problems with Stuffit, make sure you download the latest version for your Macintosh and Mac OS. Pure Mac (http://www.pure-mac.com) or VersionTracker (http://www.versiontracker.com) should have the copy you need.