Expose (F9, F10) Not Working?


The only expose button shortcut that I can get to work is F11 (show desktop). When I am working with more than 1 window open (say, iPhoto, iWeb, and Firefox), and then press F9, the only thing that happens is I get a little image on the screen that has the same design as what is on the F9 button, with a little "Do Not" symbol below it. What gives? What am I doing wrong?

The same thing happens when I have more than one window of the same application open and I press F10. Thanks!!

PS I have not gotten F9 or F10 to work a single time, and I have the latest version of the Mac operating system (MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo).



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Try changing the settings in keyboard, specificly; "Use the F1-F12 keys to control software features"'

Also, check your expose keys;



Looks like it was the keyboard settings: "Use the F1-F12 keys to control software features"'. Weird that F11 would still work w/o this box checkmarked!

Thank you kindly!


Not too weird if it is a 'Book your using. The F9 and F10 keys control the Backlighting of the keyboard also. I had a PowerBook G4 at our office do the same thing which turned out to be the Ambient Light sensor board of the PowerBook. The chip on the sensor board had literally fallen off.