ext2 support and MacOS X


Could someone tell me whether MacOS X has support for the ext2 file system, used by Linux? Failing that does anyone have a list of file systems support by the default install of MacOS X and a list of sources for adding support for other file systems on the Mac.
AFAIK, OS X by default natively supports HFS, HFS+ and UFS. Check the Darwin developer info or CVS tree at Apple to see if anyone has built in other FS capabilities. I don't know of any, but that certainly doesn't mean they aren't there.
The filesystems seem to be implemented in a pretty modular sort of way - as files in a particular directory:

<tt>% ls /System/Library/Filesystems/
AppleShare cd9660.fs cddafs.fs hfs.fs udf.fs ufs.fs

So, if a Darwin developer adds support for ext2 (or has already added it) it might be a fairly simple matter to add it to your system - just copying a few files, possibly rebooting.
You wouldn't need to reboot.

Anyway isn't this thread more appropriate in the UNIX thread? I doubt many mac users give a damn.