Extensions Disabled


I was downloading flash player7 and realised I already had it afer searching with sherlock.
So I foolishly dragged the flashplayer onto the desktop and a box popped up saying I should put this in the extensions file to give me more ....something I don't know ...which I did and know I have not got access to internet explorer or itunes or most of my programmes. Have also lost the control strip and use of cd's. Too wierd. I have an old bondi blue imas with OS9,2. Please help me I feel naked without it....and have work to do.

Am not too good on technical info please use simple language
Assuming of course, the default Control Panels folder is still in the Apple Menu...............

OK. Let's see if 'together', we can sort this out.
Firstly, make sure everything you need is properly connected to your "old bondi imas" and then, start it up and let it do it's thing.

Now, at the very top left corner of your screen, there is a coloured apple. Click on it and holding your mouse finger down, go down to were it says - Control Panels, then, let go.

A window with your Control Panels opens and you need to look for the one named Extensions Manager and double-click it.

If a .."box" appears, click it's Desktop button and then it's Save button.

Now, we've nearly finished, but first you have to a couple of things.

At the top of this ..."box" we are now in, where it says Selected Sets, there is a button right next door to it (it may be called "My Set") and you need to click this (holding your finger down) and move the mouse pointer over MacOS 9.2 All and let go. One last thing, down at the bottom of this "box", there is the Restart button. Click this and let us know what happens......