External Cr/rw And Os9.2.2


I have toast 5 titanium, and the old version of itunes on 9.2.2, running a Lacie cd/rw U&I 8x4x32. (There's also protools and quicktime, but that's it).
The computer doesn't recognize the CD/RW. Which updates to firmware, authoring support, etc. do I need, and what is the best method/order to installation?
Thank you.
If memory serves, and it hasn't for years, the "classic" OS's wouldn't
see a third-party external CD without a special driver (CD-Rom Toolkit
or something LaCie sent along which may be SilverLining Lite but I
couldn't swear to it). Wouldn't mount on the desktop, but that didn't
keep Toast from using it.
It will run disc burner (they're only mac compatible aif data files),
but with toast and itunes, it says, no recorder, check cables and power. Should I still use your fix-it technique?