External Dvd Rw Player With Mac G3


I am trying to use an external DVD RW player with my Mac G3 blue & white running OSX 10.2.8. I was told that I need to download a tool called VLC to get the player to work with my machine and my OS. I downloaded VLC and I can see its little dmg icon on my desktop, but I can't open the application and therefore I am unable to go to a file menu and choose "open disk" to play a video disk.

When I insert a video disk, the disk icon with title (e.g., "Casablanca") appears on my desktop, but I can't open it with QuickTime Player, which I thought VLC was supposed to make possible.

Please help.

Thank you,



Scratch & Sniff Committee
The .dmg file is a disk-image. Double click the .dmg icon to mount the VLC installer as a virtual disc on your desktop. Then go into this by double clicking that icon, and drag VLC into your Applications folder. Once its copied, you can then eject the VLC installer image.

VLC is a standalone media-player, it doesn't work through QuickTime. Instead, you need to launch VLC from your Applications folder. You may also want to drag it into your dock so you can launch it from there.

Once you're in VLC, go to File --> Open and select the DVD-media / Video_TS option.