External HD


Ok since you cant put OS X on an external Hd can i put 9.2.1 on there and X on my puter and it will all work ok? Will X still be able to see 9 (classic) on the external?

I need more HD space and i'm thinking of external firewire. But i have to find out how it all works first.

Yes you can put 2 different OSes on seperate hard drives. It all depends if the external drive is bootable, if it's firewire on a old Mac like blue and white G3. They can't boot up, it's not bootable firewire. I've had 2 hdds to have 2 Oses run on seperate drives. smiles

You could put in a 2nd internal hard drive. It's cheaper than external drive and it's more likely it'll be bootable. I have a 6 GB drive with 3 oses crammed into there with some software. Mac OS 10.1, OS 9.2.1 and Windows 98 in Virtual PC. Anyway, I had a 2nd hdd but it died (old one).
i know nothing about internal drives? do i just plug them in and play or what? I'm afraid i'd screwing something internally up.

nah, I've messed up internal drives many times. Every new hard drive needs to be formatted to Mac, most of them are default to PC. U may need to use special 3rd party driver. I know u won't pay for software that does the formatting and attach 3rd party driver so it'll work as a start up disk. It's too much, but it's new thing to learn tho.