external LaCie d2 160GB HD, now what ??


G'day to the macosx community,
yesterday i bought a LaCie d2 HD 160GB.

I would like to use this HD as a storage disk for data's which i don't need to carry around on my PB.

I would like that i also could boot from the LaCie HD by FW, how do i have to do this, no idea.

Please let me have your input, thanks


Lugano Switzerland
Hi there. Please search for answers in the Software, How To's and this forum; there're plenty of threads that have addressed this subject conclusively.
Hello Mike from sunny Lugano

I use the same external HD with 4 partitions one of them beeing bootable thanks to CCC you can find here http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/7032

other than that follow gkphillips advice and use the search feature of the forum for plenty of advice, infos and answer to your question.

Ciao for now

Giorgio from sunny Nyon
thanks, have done this for the last 2 hours but no one tell you if you have to format the disk or just use it like this and it will work or use a disk utility from os 10.4. and do something that the system will be transfered.

but thanks for the tip anyhow