External Monitor On An Old Imac


I would like to connect an old Panasonic PM17 CRT monitor to an old 266mhz G3 imac running OS 9.2. Is it possible? The imac has 2 usb ports and a firewire port. Is there any connection that would work? And what would I connect the monitor's power cord to? Right now the monitor works fine on an old 266mhx G3 powermac running OS 9.1, but I want to try it with the old imac.
Usb and firewire are no use when it comes to connecting a monitor
plus i'm afraid your iMac doesn't have a vga connection and thus is not concerned by the explanations you will find here http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=58467

So unless you intend to upgrade to say a mac mini IMO I don't see a use for it than the g3 powermac
later iMac g3 have a vga output hidden under the "bonnet"
but not the model described AFAIK I've checked mactracker aswell..

as for the usb connection thanks for mentionning it, I didn't know that due to my lack of knowledge on the PC world. Do you reckon this could apply to this iMac too ?

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