External Network Drive Setup Question



I'm trying to set up a network hard drive to my Airport network to hold my music folder. I recently changed my 160GB Maxtor HD from a FireWire enclosure to an Argosy HD-363N Network enclosure. In the Firewire enclosure, everything worked fine.

I want to connect the HD to the LAN port on my Airport Extreme Base Station via an Ethernet cable so that I can access it wirelessly.
I can't find the drive on the network when plugged into the Airport LAN.

Do I need anything installed on the drive besides the Music folder? Would I be better off connecting the HD to one of the desktop computers on the network? Do I need a hub/switch between the HD and the Airport? Sorry for all the questions, but I don't know where to start.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Based on the information at 'argosyusa':

01. You placed a Macintosh formatted hard drive into a device that works with a FAT32 (or FAT16) formatted hard drive.
02. The HD-363N offers static IP, DHCP client, and DHCP server modes. You must decide and incorporate which one you want / need.
03. You can connect the HD-363N to any individual computer; but, that defeats its universal access purpose, etc.
04. You could add a switch (then plugging the HD-363N into it), should you be also be connecting additional computers / peripherals to the network.

Additional information can be obtained here.
You will learn a lot from this web page and related links; especially, how to format the drive via an internal HD-363N web page.
The Argosy uses an older version of Samba and it rather picky on how you connect. It states that it will work for the Mac but getting it there is difficult at best.

First off you need to format the drive in fat 32 for Windoz. More than likely you will have to remove the drive and put it in another machine to format it.

Then you need to access it off the WAN as the http://storage will actually send you to a real web site. Once you access it then you need to give it a static IP address so you can access it again without using http://storage. You can try smb://storage as that might work and I have not tried it.

Once you get the static IP set you will have to access through the go/connect to server in the Finder as it will not show up on the network option. Type in smb://your static IP address. This will get you to the drive.

Not a pretty picture but it does work. Typical windoz crap all the way around.