External Sound Problem On Osx (bug Finish Thanks Macosx G50)


My problem with external audio solution with Xg50 pre-released. I Think apple not finish in out system audio in other versions of macos X THANKS MACOSX G50

I have a imac 233 a series with a external aplifier marantz and kef sound system. In macos 9.04 or 9.2.1 No problem with external sound. In macos x 10.1 10.04 or puma i cant not ear the external monitor sound. Audio external is connect in the audio out. Is a bug? only in the imac? I no have solution in the control panel sound on X. thanks.:
OS X is known for it's problems with some external sound sources, also the standalone iSub doesn't function, the one that comes with soundsticks does.

Oh, and please stop whining about problems with a pre-release PUMA! I am getting tired of people complaining that their illegla, pirated, leaked pre-release build for which they haven't paid a cent has some minor bugs. It's like stealing a car and then complaining that the colour is not exactly what you wanted....