Failed to connect to server


I have a Xserver with 4 bays that are being used. I have no idea how they all work, mirrored and what not. The original guy that set up our setup is gone.

I accidently ejected one of the bays (4th) and it ejected everyone off of the server. And we cannot reconnect. Says cannot connect to IP domain. Make sure its correct.

Also I looked around and noticed that bay 3 and 4 are degraded. I am not sure if thats the issue or another issue.
Lookup the type of Xserver you have on the internet; read through their support options...

In general when 4 or 5 disks are working together, their mirror eachother. If you pull out one (defect) harddrive, the other harddrives should be able to continue to work.

If more drives are 'degraded' it means that those drives have problems and therefore cannot continue to 'catch-up the missing drive' (the one you took out).
As far as I can tell; hardware problems!!