Failing to launch Classic!?!?


I have been mildly happy with OS X, rather unstable at times though. HUGE problem though, I can not get Classic to even load! When is launched, I get the Classic loading dialog with a progress bar that gets to about 20% and then locks the computer! What's the deal? I've launched in OS 9 and set it to base extensions only with the same results! Someone please offer some advice!!!!

If I where you, I'd check my extentions in os 9. I would bet that you have an incompatable extention set.
if you hit the arrow, at the bottom of classic loading, can you see the extentions loading?
Requires 9.0.4 and may require disabling 3rd party. A number of extensions installed by Apple aren't used and may contribute to sluggishness as well and are redundant etc.

Create an extension set for "Classic" and just use Extension Manager - still works - and play around. 3rd party cpu upgrade card's extensions to enable L2 cache especially.

A clean install is a good start. A partition just for Classic 9 and still another for your working 9 System along with X on 2GB volume, and a volume for all your files.

Add Extension Manager to Favorites. Kill Classic and Relaunch - no reboot req'd.