Fan Noise Power Book 12"



since i updated to MacOs 10.4.2, my former very silent power book 12" / 1,5Ghz is making after 10 min of use a constant loud fan noise. Is there any way to reduce that without downgrading to MacOs 10.3 ?
Are tools like silent night recommandable?


Best way surely is to keep the cpu timing on reduced or automatic. Open System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> Options -> Processor Performance.
I wouldn't recommend tools like silent night. There was probably a good reason for apple to decrease the threshold for the fan.


thanks a lot. its much better now with processor performance set to minimum, still not the same as before, but o.k.....
by having a quiter pb now i noticed something else:
If I plug in my headphones and do not touch the pb at any aluminium part i can hear a background humming on the headphones. if i touch it, or unplug the power supply, the noise is gone. same thing actualy if i use my pb at music gigs: the soundtecs always have to connect some active d.i. box (even if i use short audio high quality cable) to my pb audio output to get rid of a strong humming sound coming out of my pb. does anybody knows what going on here?