Fantastic on an iMac 350


I've got a 350 iMac with 192 megs ans OS-X is bloody fantastic. Switch off Sherlock and take your colours down to "Thousands" and it absolutely flies. Slowest thing is OmniWeb launch time (10 seconds approx) but once it's running it's great. IE5.1 is a f'ing atrocity though.

Mail app is good, nice & quick and the developer tools i.e. project builder etc. are great now. MUCH, MUCH, MUCH! faster than the public beta. Classic runs as fast as if you boot native into it.

My Epson 760 prints perfectly and spools faster than under OS9.

Totally stable too. Nothing has crashed so far although IE5.1 is so slow it gives the impression that it has crashed.

In summary, OSX is wonderful.