Fat32 Ipod Is No Longer Working With Osx Itunes


I have a fat32 ipod (40gb-four button model. I set it up originally with WinXP Pro). I'm also a mac user, so I've been adding music to the ipod manually from osx's itunes (in addition to still using the pc sometimes).

Recently I noticed I can no longer drag songs from my osx itunes library to the ipod. I also cannot drag songs from the finder to the ipod icon in itunes. Both of these techniques had worked previously.

The ipod mounts normally on osx and plays music just like always. The pc version of itunes still works fine.

I recently updated to tiger and also updated the osx and the pc itunes to version 4.9. The ipod has also been updated to the latest version (2.3 I think).

Has one of these updates caused the fat32 ipod to no longer work with osx itunes? Is there a way to still use the ipod on both platforms?

ipodlounge.com says this:
"Can I use my Windows formatted iPod on a Mac computer?
Yes, however this process is not supported by Apple.
MacOS X does support FAT32 hard disks, but unless you are planning to connect the iPod to a Windows PC frequently, it is generally a better idea to format it as a Mac drive (HFS+), as it will generally be more reliable."

Thanks for any help,