Faulty Dvd/cd Optical Reader


I am running OSX 2.8 on a PwerBoox G4 and wanted to upgrade to 10.4. Suddenly my optical reader no longer will accept a disk. Upon insertion, it struggles and then rejects. I've re-booted and attempted a Power Management Unit (PMU) reset to no avail.

Any suggestions?
About all you can do now is clean the lens and make sure the CD's you are testing with are clean then hope for the best. Once you do this, try booting from a bootable CD. If it won't work, it's time for a new optical drive.
They have special CDROM's which have a puff glued on to it. As the CD rotates, the puff buffs the lens to clean it. Of course, cleaning an internal drive such as this is probably a last and desperate resort. The drive is probably just bad.