Fave old school Mac games


Wolf359 said:
Would you happen to know if Myst Revelation will run on Tiger OS X 10.4? Requirements state an OS version of 10.2 to 10.3.
Thanks muchly!
i have at least started it under osx10.4 to check a few things out and refreshen my memory about a few places, so yes it works. I can't guarantee every age will work, but since the ones i tested did i see no reason why not.

i just think ubi have been slow in updating their homepage. :)

speaking of myst i must say that revelation is my all time favorite (well, maybe riven also). myst: end of ages was a bit of a dissapointment.
Thanks very much Decado!
I've played the first 3 series on my Gater, but since I am about to receive my first Mac, I'd like to have the "classics" to play again on the new system. I'll be looking for a similiar type of game that is written for Mac - any ideas Decado?
End of Ages...hmmm - alot of "Mystites" have been disappointed with the ending so I have some reservations playing it.


i'm afraid cyan is the only ones doing these kind of games anymore :(
but if you are willing to play some older games i have heard nothing but good things about the journeyman-series. it was made by presto studies (and they made Myst 3: Exile for ubi soft).

for your old myst-series, i'm pretty sure that myst 1 would play well in Virtual PC (if you dont want to buy / can't find a new mac versions of the game). myst: Riven, Myst 3:exile, Revelation and End of ages are on hybrid discs so that should be no problem.


i have not so much problem with the ending of the game as i have with the feel of the entire game. the graphics just don't cut it. in previous myst titles you knew that every shadow and sound was important and there ware fantastic and surreal ages. in End of ages, due to the real-time graphics and the fact that they had to account for the fact that people would play at different resolutions, quality and sound settings, they could have no puzzles/solutions that depended on details. and they could not do very fantastic ages.
it gives the impression that it is an unfinished game with graphics that are worse that Myst 1 :( it should have been the most fantastic myst of them all (cyan being back and all).
Hi Decado,
I would be interested in trying out the Journeyman series but, unfortunately, the Tiger OS doesn't include the "Classic" OS as well. I would have to install Panther inorder to have access to "Classic" for pre-OS X games, so I've been told.
Are we to be disappointed with the Apples programmers or the game companies that don't keep up with latest patches or updates. I suppose that could be quite expensive for the companies that produce these games. Seems a shame though.
I agree with you about the Myst series. The games genius, besides the puzzles, was in sounds you had to listen for and looking at everything - searching for those slightly hidden details. That makes for an excellant game and well worth the money. From what you've said above, I'll probably skip on the End of Ages for this very reason. Very disappointed that UBI didn't keep up to it's standards, especially for it final game.

After I left the forum last night, I started surfing for some OS X Strategy/Puzzle Solving type games. I came across 3 that might be interesting.
1) Alida
2) Riddle of the Sphinx: The Omega Stone
3) RHEM 2


i did not know that os9 wasn't included with tiger. that is a shame. i know the classic environment is, so if you just could get hold of os9 you should be set to go. maybe you could lend panther from someone and just extract the os9 system folder?
what country are you in? if you have a good apple-resller (or better yet; apple-store) close by you could ask them to give you a cd with a macos9 as a make-thecustomer-happy-thing. apple doesnt sell os9 anymore so i dont think the could charge you anything.

back to the funny things:
"Secret of the Luxor" is a bit of a myst rip-off (concept wise) and quite good.
Hi Decado,
I must have gotten a hold of a bad Apple at Apple Customer Service. With further research I find that Tiger OS X 10.4 does come with an OS 9 System Folder. I found this out at the Apple website. Apparently, some PowerMac G5's have this folder preinstalled on the hard drive, others don't - go figure. But the good news is that if it is not on the HD, one can install it from the CDs that come with the computer. So all systems go!

What I understood is that "Classic" simulates OS 9 - which allows one to run their older programs. I'm figuring that inorder for OS 9 to run beside Tiger they had to fiddle with the programming of the original OS 9, thus coming up with "Classic" an OS 9 simulator. I'll have to check into this out of curiousity. Since I am going to become a Mactite (Mac-tete) (tete with "^" over the first "e" is french for "head" and pronounced "tite". I am from Quebec(a french province) in Canada so I like to cover both languages.
I sent an email to tech support for the game, "The Omega Stone". Requirements call for an OS running 10.2 to 10.3. They can not guarentee that it will work on Tiger. They said that some programs are backward compatible and some aren't. If it were not to work, then simply send it back to them for a refund. Now that doesn't sit well with me. Deals come up on Ebay and I'll never know if the game or software requirements calling for 10.1 to 10.3, will run correctly on Tiger OS X - especially if it is a used version. I forsee a no-refund in the midst.

Thanks for listing the game "Secret of the Luxor". I'll go check it out tonight!
Take care


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Classic is basically OS 9 running in somewhat of a virtual machine (the best description I can get). It's not emulating OS 9, but instead is an actual OS 9 installation.

Some Power Macs that can't boot into OS 9 still ahve the ability to install it from the Restore CDs that Apple ships with these machines. My iMac G5 didn't have OS 9 installed, but the installation was there in the CD and I installed it. Note that this isn't the retail version of the Mac OS X Installation, which doesn't come with OS 9. Only the restore CDs that come with the Apple systems have OS 9 included in the package.
I concur with all the obvious ones. I'll repeat just for kicks the ones that I actually played.

1. Dark Castle (it's still fun!)
2. Marathon
3. Lemmings (quite possibly the most inventive game ever)
4. Doom

And the old text games:
Liesure Suit Larry!
Leather Goesses of Phobos (or something like that)
Lemmings was awesome! But why is everyone talking about Marathon as though they can't play it any more? You can use the Alpeh engine and it works as well as it ever did in OS9.


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
CaptainQuark said:
Lemmings was awesome! But why is everyone talking about Marathon as though they can't play it any more? You can use the Alpeh engine and it works as well as it ever did in OS9.
That's exactly what I'm doing on my Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems. :D

My son even loves playing it. :p

and did anyone ever play Despair? It wasn't a game as such, just a sort of simulator where people are walking around and you play god by putting the poor things through thunder storms avalanches etc. was fun, I played in on my mac Classic a lot.
Well Myst is a classic :) but I'm surprised no one talk about Dungeon Master! the first innovative RPG game... and was born on apple (by the software house Faster Than Light).
That game ruled... I still remember playing it at my old friend house, he had a mac at those times, and I didn't! I was so jealous! :)