Feature request for Mail.app


I like the Mail.app alot!
One suggestion.
When I read my inbox I naturally start at the top and as I read mail I either file it in a folder or delete it, then move on to the next message , ie moving down the list. Outlook express works well with this habit of mine because when I press delete to delete a message it naturally deletes the item and moves the next (lower) item in the list into
the place of the now deleted item and selects it. I can then delete it if I choose with a single keystroke. Much of my time is spent doing delete-delete-delete...
With Mail however, when I press Delete the selection moves
up to the piece of mail I read last and did not delete. This forces me to find the down arrow. delete-down-delete-down...
Twice as many keystrokes. If I inadvertantly press delete-delete-delete I have probably deleted two messages I want to keep. :-(
Uhm, it works the way you want it to work for me.
I tried to find some way to make it do what you say it does, but couldn't. Only time the previous message is selected is when you're on the last message. Are you sorting your messages by date?
I noticed the same than the first message: it goes back to the previous one...

Another thing I can't understand, is that when I delete messages, they seem to stay somewhere. If I read what's said at the top of the window, under the big buttons, I see 61 messages, 57 deleted... (I have 4 msg left in my inbox) In fact, a big part of the messages said to be deleted were move in a different folder. So it seems that my hard drive now keeps 2 copies of my messages or keeps the one I try to delete.

Notice that the option "rebuilt mailbox" (sorry if the terms aren't exact: I'm using the french system and translate...) brings back all these duplicated "invisible" messages "living" somewhere on my HD. So is there an option to delete it really? I didn't checked my settings, but I know that my messages stay on the server too. But it's propably not related for one reason: a message deleted from a custumized folder (or mailbox, other than the inbox), will have the same behaviour: disappear while staing there according to the info at the to of the window... So all messages stored stay, and I fear the day I'll have to rebuilt a mailbox if all the deleted messages come back suddenly.
OK, for those interested, I found the solution to my own problem: the menu item corresponding to command-K, or the one just over "rebuild mailboxes" called "compact messages' if I translate it from french. I know the englsig version might be more clear, but I'm too proud to finally be able to use an OS in french...