Feels like September allready!


mach-o mach-o man
Just got a bit of an upgrade to my G3/266mhz/128ram:

G4/733mhz/640megs ram!!! Heck yeah! GeForce2 mx, DVD combo..... drule... No, its for real!

MacOS X runs - no, flies - great! This was a much needed upgrade to my arsenal. All that crap I was saying about Mac OS X being to slow is now gone. I'm formatting the Beige G3 today and loading os 9.1 onto it for my sister to use (she has no use for X at the time).

Man, this thing GOES!!!!

Thanks for the advice about where to buy ram, I purchased my G4 from apple with 128megs of ram (lowest you can get), then I went over to http://www.owcomputing.com, and I got 512megs for $68.97, plus $6.75 shipping. From apple this would have cost like $300 or something. The local computer store said $90 from them.

But seriously, if you've got the money (my parents did.... how spoiled is that?), get a new mac!

I didn't get an iBook or ti Book because, well, 8megs of video ram just wasn't going to float my boat. The *cheapest* dell laptop cost $999, and has 8megs of video ram. The most expensive dell laptop, which I believe costs arround $2500, has 32megs of video ram. So I'm holding out for a bit more graphic punch.

Although, that G4 and open GL probably fills in the gaps.

I'm getting 30fps in iTunes where I used to get about 9.

Heck, its feeling like late-December over here ;-)

Cheers, anyone else got a tail to tell?
I've had my iBook for a few weeks now (upgrading from a similar beige G3 @300MHz). I love that little thing. At first I thought the styling was going to be too simple, and plain; but the slim polycarbonate body is very sharp. Upgraded the memory to 384MB, and there's a noticable difference in OS X's loading/running speed.

MacOS X is the most visually beautiful interface I've ever used (this includes all of the XF86 environs available in Linux). I'd love to run Office on X, and give it a real workout (without any of that XP licensing crap, of course). The iBook is still a little slow loading up OS9, but powering down the machine only takes seconds from either OS.

The sound from the iBook's headphone jack is on the tinny side (disappointing), so if anyone can suggest a good "equalizer" utility for sound output, I'd love to hear about it :) .

I'm undecided wether I'll keep the beige tower, or sell it; but the iBook definately stays :D !