Fetchmail Error


I can't get my mail. It shows that it is their but I am not able to download or get it to read. I keep getting this error.

2 messages for jcpowers21 at netmail.home.com (38034 octets).
reading message 1 of 2 (14030 octets) .fetchmail: SMTP connect to localhost failed
fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching from netmail.home.com
fetchmail collects mail from a remote place and delivers (by default) to an SMTP server running on your local machine.

If you don't have an SMTP server running (you won't by default) then it can't deliver the email.

Have a read of the fetchmail man page for more info.
I believe (?) you could pipe the mail directly to procmail (as the MTA).
Procmail is included in the system, you just need to construct
a .procmailrc file in your user directory.

I haven't done it this way, so YMMV.