Few Problems, All Roughly Related (superdrive)


im usin toast 7 to back up my DVD's, except once ive chosen the dvd i wanna back up, after ripping it with mactheripper and chosing the appropriet media, it just "shakes" when i hit record. it recognises my superdrive, and the settings are all in the right place so what gives? im using maxell 4.7GB DVD-R to record onto (altho when it mounts to the desktop it appears as DVD RAM Disk). i have managed to reocrd to DVD-R without problem using toast 6 or burn folder on Mac OS Tiger, but no matter what i record, the last chapter or 2 chapters crash when put in a dvd player ! altho when running the exact same video_TS folder/files direct from hard drive, the last 2 chapters dont crach and play seamlessly. so, any ideas? could it be the media im using? (maxell)

im using an iMac G5 2Ghz 512 Ram with superdrive

(Edited thanks to a slightly patronising reply)

cheers if u can help !


01. Specific Mac model and installed MacOS X version were not provided.
02. The post mentions superdrive - double layer'; but yet, a 4.7 GB DVD-R disc was inserted, why was not an 8.5 GB double (dual) layer disc inserted?
03. Also stated - 'Also (unrelated but still annoying) i have an option in the right click context menu for a program i no longer'; but yet, the name of the since removed application was not supplied. Yet, I will suggest that you view the '/Library/Contextual Menu Items' and '~/Library/Contextual Menu Items' folders.
04. I will leave the balance of the confusing post for others; except to say - all the needed settings and instructions are provided within 'Roxio Toast'.