file/drive sharing


Has anyone played with sharing whole drives with osx.

I have three partitions on my machine: one for os9 and it's apps, one for osx and it's apps, and one for my work and other miscellaneous docs.

I know that osx lets you select which user's public folder you would like to mount instead of whole drives like os9 did. I tired making an alias of the drive (in both oses) and that didn't work. I tried linking (with ln, hard and symbolic) and that didn't work either.

If you're an admin on the machine you get the drives and your own home folder as choices to mount. This probably isn't the solution you want, and it isn't what I want either.

From what I've seen, you can't share a whole drive, you can only share folders. The only way I've been able to share folders is to make them the home directory of some user, and this required playing with NetInfo information.

Somebody, please tell me there is more AppleTalk coolness to come! Specifiable mount points, sharing monitor, etc. At least now you can share a folder that is inside another shared folder. I think you can even log in to a server as two different users simultaneously. That's a major plus for trouble shooting. It may lend itself to troublemaking however. :)
>I tried linking (with ln, hard and symbolic) and that didn't work either.

Hard linking creates a file with the same inode as the original (ie both files access the same data blocks on the disk). If you write data to one, you write it to the other as well. This can have un wanted results!
umm, perhaps your situation is different from mine, but I'm only interested in sharing drives which are not my primary. In my case, hard linking is not an option, as ln across drives reverts to ln -s

But in general I've found that Apple doesn't like to follow links over appletalk. (or AppleShare, whichever you want to call it)
Yes, I've noticed the that it's really just Appletalk that doesn't want to play. Everyone else here is os9 and will be for a while.

I guess until Apple makes normal aliases work like they used to or make appletalk follow symbolic links correctly I'm out of luck.

With samba, NFS, ftp, http, and AppleShare - I find the mac with OS X to be the best all around cross platform server solution. It allows every character I can think of that's legal in each OS to be used for naming on it. It supports long file names, updates mac clients when contents change on the server unlike netatalk. It has a decent user interface for setting up most of the multiple users login stuff, good security and permissions.

The real killer is the lack of a single linking mechanism that works for everyone. aliases don't work for anyone else, and links don't work over AFP.