File has no icon in Finder, won't open, spinning beach ball



My iBook is connected via an Ethernet hub to my good ol' 8500. I mounted one of its volumes (the 8500's) with "Connect to Server" as I always do. I double-clicked the disk icon, and noticed that it took a couple of seconds for the file icons to fill in. But some of them never filled in. I just get an empty rounded rectangle where the icon should be. If I try to double-click one of them -- say an MP3 file that Iknow to be good -- I end up with the spinning beach ball from hell and have to force quit Finder.

Finally I ended up burning the MP3 onto a CD with the 8500, then putting the CD into the iBook. I double-clicked the CD, and the window opened. It said "1 item," but the window was empty! No icon, no rounded rect, no nothin'.

Any idea what could be causing this, and how I can fix it?


P.S. If I boot the iBook in OS9, I can mount the 8500's HD, grab the MP3, and everything is fine. So it's definitely an OS X problem.

P.P.S iBook 800MHz G3 dual USB (white), OS X 10.3.9