File Library


Nice GFX change.

Could I recommend setting up up a file submittion system.

It'd diversify the website.
It'd make MacOSX a place to get the most important quality files.

I remember you were requestion suggestions for changes to the website. You've obviously been busy.

Do not change the way its currently configured. Ie: It must go straight to the forums. I like that, i'm sure everyone else does. Simple and straight forward.

Put a big link to file downloads to the top right.
Catagorise software into the appropriate functional catagories. Make a submissions area. People must "register" with the file-section before they should be able to submit files. In addition, before uploading a file is possible, they should have a request upload section. So, all uploads should be "screened". A bit too much work ? (get others to help you out, others must have time).

Just an idea.

MacOSX needs good sites to be extremely helpfull to the distribution of quality applications.

I like this idea. How about putting a small column of the best apps as voted on by the members of the forum on top of the ad banners on the side of the forum.