File name drop shadows...



I have noticed that while the files on the desktop have white file names w/ a black drop shadow the other files do not. I would really like to change this. Does anyone know if there is a hack that will make all file names white w/ a black drop shadow (while in the Finder with icon view)? The reason I want this is because one of my folders has a really dark background and I have to select the document to be able to read the file name.

Have a great day!

I think this wouldn't work because the text on the desktop is white so the drop shadows fit well and the text under files is black so a drop shadow would just look messy

not sure but it sounds rite:)

Yess, good point. I think the text would look kind of messy. How about this: can we make the file names white with a black background, exactly like on the desktop?

Thanks for your help!