File/project Management


Good morning,

We are a dictionary writing company looking to manage projects with multiple files and we wondered if you had some suggestions of any software that would help.

Compared to the complexity of some projects, this should be simple, but the problem seems to be not managing tasks or stages as much as it is managing eXcel files. I am tracking files that are being written and edited by several writers. We have a good naming system for each file that tells us the client, the project#, the file#, the status#, the range, the writer, the word count start and finish and the editor. Each writer and editor renames the file when they are finished with it, so it is easy to tell from looking what the status of an individual file is. What we do not have is a way to look at all the files at once and see where they are in the process, like a Gaant chart. I have tried making an eXcel spreadsheet, and marking each date manually, but that was cumbersome because it duplicated the renaming process, and caused occasional mismatches.

Our latest management idea is simply using a Finder window in icon view and manually moving the files. This gives me control over the naming, the archiving and the progress, though it has limitations, particularly with dates and projections.

Anyway, is there a way to manage, track, rename, move files through this process any better? I'd appreciate your feedback.

?Brian Gockley