File rename error


A weird error indeed.

I have a file named test1 , I want to rename it test01 (insert a zero) I insert a zero , press enter or click outside of file name, the zero is gone...
Any other character works fine. This is regardless of the type of view chosen in Finder.

Is it just me ? Can you test if this is a universal error ?
I have reported it to Apple.
Yup, my 10.0.3 does the exact same thing. Anywhere from one to five zeros does this, but six seems to take (test0000001). Also, if you have test0001, you can't go to test1, test01, through five zeros again.
Is it genuinely failing to rename the file, or simply truncating the actual name when it displays it (e.g. for sorting)?

You can check from the terminal - where you can also rename it properly.