File sharing between pc and ibook via internet connection


I have a pc that's running windows xp and an ibook running macosx tiger 10.4.2. My pc is directly connected to the internet and my ibook is sharing the internet connection wirelessly with through the wireless router. I was wondering if it would be possible to be able to share the files in my pc and in my ibook. I want to be able to access certain files back and forth. I don't want to add any more cables if possible. I am completely new to this and have no clue where to begin. If there have been other threads on this topic please link me. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks.


It's quite simple. Simply share few folders on your windows box (right-click and share) and check for the ip-address of your windows box (connections -> right-click the lan connection icon and click status -> advanced tab will show the ip address). On your mac side open System Preferences -> Sharing -> turn on windows sharing and filesharing. In the Finder press Command(Apple)+'K' and type: smb://ip.of.your.pc
Good luck!