file sharing/home directories/public folders


I've had some interesting results from messing around with file sharing. The first is, unsurprisingly, that I can't mount drives from my 7200 running OS 8.6 under OS X. I can, however, mount home directories as drives on the OS 8.6 desktop from OS X! How does that work? By entering the IP address of the OS X machine in the Appleshare dialog in the chooser. I didn't expect this to work, but it did, so I'm not complaining.

Now, here's some other interesting stuff. From my OS 8.6 machine, I can easily mount the Public folder of any user's home directory for which I've set proper permissions on the OS X machine. However, I CANNOT ACCESS THOSE PUBLIC FOLDERS FROM THE OS X MACHINE ITSELF. So I find that I can save files in other users' public directories from another machine, but not locally. This seems counter-intuitive, to say the least. This cannot be the way Apple intended file sharing to work.

Another interesting thing is that I CANNOT mount the /Users/Public/ directory on another machine's desktop. This seems even stranger--isn't that the whole point of having a Public directory?

Obviously, I haven't tried any of this logged in as root (I don't know how to enable a remote superuser login, and with my limited knowledge of Unix, I would have no intention of doing so even if I did). But has anyone else had similar experiences, or can anyone duplicate any of these behaviors? If so, I might have to get off yet another note to OS X Feedback.

On a slightly different topic: I understand that Appleshare is a pretty secure protocol. Is anyone aware of any hazards (other than the usual, social-engineering ones) of turning on Appleshare on an OS X box that's got a static IP address and no firewall? Telnet and ftp are turned off.