File sharing needs to be fixed


I have several complaints about the apple currently handles file sharing in OS X, but I'll start with the stuff that was supposed to work:

I can turn on file sharing, appletalk, etc. on my OS X beta imac, but when I connect to it from an OS 9 mac by using the "Server IP address..." option in the Chooser and give my root login, I just get a blank window. The way I understand the documentation, I should see the Public folder from my user directory. I also tried connecting from my own mac (it let me do this) by choosing "Connect to Server" and entering my own IP address. Again, I saw an empty window-- there were no volumes to choose from.

Can anyone tell me why this would be? Obviously the Appletalk and filesharing options are turned on, because I get as far as being able to choose a volume. But why is the list empty? Is there some other option somewhere I have to turn on? I checked my directories, and their permissions all seem compatible ("everybody" can read everything)

In any case, I think apple needs to do a better job file sharing with OS < X macs. They should support appletalk-- fully-- so that "obsolete" macs can still be used, without having to upgrade their operating systems. OS 8 macs don't seem to be able to connect by AFP at all, as far I can tell!!

Flame aside, thanks for your help--