File Sharing of Individual Folders in X


Mentos! The Freshmaker!
Here's what I'd like to do...

On a seperate hard drive (which has more space, and is the drive I designate to run OS 9.1 [and hence, Classic]), I'd like to use that as a Mac-only file server.

The smaller hard drive I have runs OS X, but doesn't have enough space to host all the files I'd like to host.

The contents of the file server include, but are not limited to, disk images, commonly used apps for installation onto client computers, Apple System Profiler documents (for inventorying/helpdesk purposes), and diagnostic software.

I'd like to share files AND allow certain technicians to link to programs on this drive.

Sharing via Appletalk is fine, but I would also like to share via TCP/IP as well.

In OS 9.1, I was able to share out individual folders so that certain techs had certain rights to certain folders (i.e. one user had "drop-box" rights to a folder that contained Apple System Profiles from Macs across campus, and another user had read-only access to the disk image folder, etc).

In OS X, I can't seem to do this without a degree of difficulty.

It seems that, according to the help files in OS X, I can only share out the "Public" folder, and all the files that reside in it on the drive that OS X resides on, and not any folders on the other drive.

What I would like to do in OS X is the following:

* Share out certain folders on the large hard drive.
* Allow file sharing on the large hard drive.
* Allow program linking on the large hard drive.

I've tried turning on file sharing in OS X, but when I try to map a drive in the Chooser on a client's machine (they are running just OS 9.x), I, or any other tech that happens to have an account on my server, they can only see their user folders, and not the folders on the large drive that I would like them to use.

Also, I noticed that the "groups" function in the Users control panel in OS X is not present, unlike OS 9.x. Has this feature been implemented into X, and I haven't seen it, or is it just not there?

Is there anything I can do to get this type of file sharing working in OS X?

Thanks! :)