File Sharing Question


I set up an OSX Server to be used primarily as a File Server. I
added 5-6 users to test with. I created each user so their Home space is in

When I log in as one of the users, I have the option of mounting a "Users"
volume and a "Public" volume.

First of all, what exactly is PUBLIC? Is that the user's Public space? It
can't be because if I try to put stuff in there, it tells me it cannot be
modified?!?!? Why is it there? Why can't I write to it? How can I get rid of it?

Second, I get the Users volume. In a way, thats good because each user can get to each other's pulbic folder. I'd like to set it up so that a user mounts their own folder only and a shared folder for each workgroup.

Is there a way to define a template? Also, I'd rather not have all of those folders like Movies, Pictures, etc.