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i am used to file sharing between two macs running os 9.2 over tcp/ip by opening chooser, clicking on apple share, clicking on the name of the computer i what to share with that appears in the chooser window and typing in the appropriate password. now i have 10.2 on one of the two computers and i can't figure out how to do file sharing. when i open chooser on the os 9.2 computer and click on apple share i don't get the other computer's name. i can type in its ip address and connect. that's ok, but my tcp/ip configures using dhcp so the ip address changes. why won't the name of the 10.2 computer show up in my chooser window? further, on the os 10.2 machine i can't figure out how to get access to the 9.2 computer at all. i open "sharing" and click file sharing but i don't know what to do next to get to my other computer. i tried the help center but i wasn't much help.



Check out Carlson's excellent instructions on the subject:

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On our home ethernetlet, we don't need IP addressing at all. Two things
I've seen. OS9.2 can mess with appletalk, particularly on G3s. I tried 9.2
on our PB Wallstreet and couldn't get to it except via IP. Sound familiar?
I rewound to 9.1 and all worked well.

Second, OSX file sharing is keyed to a Shared Folder. There are ways to
get around that (Sharepoints app is one), but I find the easiest is to
simply log into the OSX machine as its owner. That gives you access to
everything on that machine.


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That link seems to assume you don't have a pre-existing network using DHCP. Not sure it applies. I think this is all you need to do:

To set up 10.2 so you can access it from 9, go System Preferences, click the Sharing icon, and activate Personal File Sharing. Then go to the Network section of System Preferences, select "built-in Ethernet" and click Configure. Go to the AppleTalk tab and make AppleTalk active. After clicking the Apply Now button, you ought to be able to access your machine in OS 9 the same way you always have.

To access your 9 machine from X, you should just be able to go to the Network (under the Go menu in the Finder) and see your 9 box after you turn on AppleTalk. Note that this has changed in different versions of OS X, and I don't have a 10.2 system to test on. You might need to select "Connect to Server" from the Go menu, and then click the "Browse" button.

Hope this helps.